Silvio Peroni (University of Bologna)
Associate Director
David Shotton (University of Oxford)
International Advisory Board for OpenCitations
John Chodacki (Director of University of California Curation Center, California Digital Library)
Ginny Hendricks (Director of Member & Community Outreach, Crossref)
Philippe Laredo (Director of Research in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Scientific Innovations and Society, Université Gustave Eiffel)
Vincent Larivière (Canadian Research Chair on the Transformation of Scholarly Communication, University of Montréal)
Catriona Maccallum (Director of Open Science, Hindawi Open Access Publisher)
Cameron Neylon (Professor of Research Communications, Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University)
Katherine Skinner (Executive Director, Educopia Institute)
Didier Torny (on behalf of the French Open Science Committee)
Ludo Waltman (Professor of Quantitative Science Studies and Deputy Director, Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University) [chair]
Other members of the Research Centre
Marilena Daquino (University of Bologna)
Chiara Di Giambattista (University of Bologna)
Angelo Di Iorio (University of Bologna)
Claudio Fabbri (University of Bologna)
Ivan Heibi (University of Bologna)
Fabio Vitali (University of Bologna)